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Housefly Records

Housefly Records is an independent internet record label promoting tracks of unsigned or less known artists worldwide via internet releases. We are a non commercial organization and we release E.P's in MP3 digital format, which can be downloaded and SHARED for FREE..... As a company Housefly Records are dedicated to all forms of music and our aim is to help artists to reach more listeners and help them getting signed on bigger labels... For us music is paramount it's what we live and breath.. it's at our very core... Check us out at find out what we're about then if your still interested send us a demo of four/five tracks .... We don't deal in single tracks because it takes the process of getting an E.p together and stretches it to a very boring and time consuming length and in our experience it just ain't worth it... the best way to do this we've found is to pack your tracks (mp3 320 format) up in a rar/zip file and using then send the link to choose to best show case your style and tracks that flow into each other (these things are important trust me).. the trick is to treat it just like you would if you were making a playlist or a mixed cd for a friend.... so many artist fall at this hurdle simply because that have no confidence in their own tracks or their lazy and think sending us a link to a page on soundcloud (for example) is submitting a demo... we do thing differently because we care.... we hope to be hearing from you


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"Mizuki's Last Chance - Tactical Assault" A seven 7 track E.P brings a new flavour to our dubstep line up... his own blend of pounding dirty bass lines and chip tune Synths makes this promising U.K producer truly unique and makes him definitely without doubt one to watch in the future... "Mizuki's Last Chance - Tactical Assault"DOWNLOAD NOW FREE..
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Mizuki'sLastChance, TacticalAssault, dubstep, chiptune, houseflyrecords, uk
Housefly Records
by Zak whitefield
We here at Housefly Records spend a lot of time scouring the internet for new and exciting talent whether through social networking sites or through demo's sent to us... but it is very rare that we hear something that knocks our socks off....and that is what happened when we recieved this EP from Zak Whitefield.... That's what makes me so proud to Present Zak Whitefield a singer/song Writer from Northern Ireland.... his fantastic style of Modern Acoustic knocked us for "six" here at...
Topics: Acoustic, guitar, chillout, Zak, Zakwhitefield, Housefly, HouseflyRecords UK, NorthernIreland,...
Housefly Records
his second EP here on Housefly Records following on from the success of "Tech Specs" Rolla has taken to the Lab to bring a new fresh spin on his sound... This time around whilst holding on to his trademark Pounding riddims.. he has incorporated the deep chilling Vibes of Neurofunk bass and captures Pitch perfect synths of electronic music old and new skool... the release of this second EP marks the continuation of a successful two year relationship between Housefly and Rolla G his...
Topics: Rolla, Rolla G, Housefly, Housefly Records, drum, Drum & Bass, UK, London, Bass, Neurofunk
This is Evidential a musician from North West London. Coming fresh from a career within the legal profession (no not law enforcement) Evidential is articulate and both politically and socially aware. Evidential first conceived the idea of running up the hill with the arrival of the World financial economic crisis where the smell of âalmost" perfumed the air and the constant chatter of doom and gloom added the up hill feeling to almost every household the world over. Evidential's social...
Topics: Housefly Records, Evidential, UK, UK Hip HOp, Hop, Hip, Beats, London, Grime, North London, North
Housefly Records
by Zak Whitefield
Northern Irish singer-songwriter, Zak Whitefield has released his new EP ‘To Anywhere…’.  He has toured the UK and Ireland in 2013 and is now branching into mainland Europe following 3 tours of the Netherlands. Zak is described as ‘upbeat pop vibes of John Mayer blended with a Latin twist’. He has played at festivals such as Culture Tech, NxNw in Derry, Ramsbottom Festival and Feile an Phobail Unplugged which took place outside city hall in Belfast to an international audience. Zak...
Topics: Folk, rock, Folkrock, Housefly, Zak, Whitefield, ZakWhitefield, Records, ToAnywhere, Anywhere
Housefly Records
Coming from the Wirral in the north west of the UK Rosh is a teenage MC with pure promise... This talented MC has put together 13 sparkling tracks using not only his own musical vision but collaborating with such talents as O.Zed ,Optimistic and ECKS... This EP is a showcase for this young lads talent in more ways than just the vocals producing tracks such as "the Chamber" a twisted talent of the evil MC.. tracks such "conquest" and "come in" are a clear signal to...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Rosh, Ozed, Grime, UK, UKHipHop, Bass, Housefly Records, , Housefly, Wirrel, Records, Net label
Exploding from the confined spaces of musical reality and rising from the gravel of non-rhythmic negativity; with smooth notes transcending from the depths of "Old South America", accompanied by Eargazmik Rhythms, "Southern Hayze" will put u in a trance never to be duplicated. In 2011 "Blak Tha Ceo" created the brand name "Southern Hayze" as the start of the :OLD SOUTH::WHOLE SOUTH: positivity movement. In the beginning, music was the primary means of...
Topics: Southern Hayze, Hip hop, Rap, USA, uk, Housefly Records, Blak tha Ceo, Housefly, fl
Housefly Records
For this release Housefly Records are hooking up with the L.T.C Crew for the Release of DextDee - L.T.C Project a Perfect collection of Hip Hop club Bangers that set him as the producer to watchas we get to the tale end of 2011 His Complex beats, banging Bass lines & Classic old skool sounds make this a must Download EP for all you Hop Hop Headz out there.... Amargedon is hitting a bass heavy Hip Hop instrumental...this track is swinging from pounding beats laced with heavy 808 to heavenly...
Topics: DextDee, Houseflyrecords, uk, HipHop, Instrumentals, Knobzwholestory, LTCProject, Rap, beats,...
Housefly Records Proudly Present the release of "Visions of Frank" a collection of tracks by Phyruis Black-Jack... a producer from the East of England.... his take on Drum and Bass,Industrial,IDM and Glitch makes this Release uniquely Different from anything we've released on Housefly Records.... Phyruis Black-Jack -Visions of Frank Available for FREE download NOW....
Topics: Phyruisblackjack, dnb, darkambient, ambient, houseflyrecords, uk, frank
Fresh out of the Ukraine comes the Mental musical styling of Yaro. A self taught Electronic musician honing is craft over Ten years ...Learning to master and mix and to rip it up on his Akai MPC1000, Virus Ti, Kaosspad3, Studio One. In the real world apart from being a free lance sound and light engineer our musical master works in his own travel firm that experience of planning the perfect nights for ya'll Yaro has garnered great experience playing in the clubs and at psytrance festivals in...
Topics: Housefly Records, UK, ID, IDmental, ukraine, Genius, DnB, Dubstep, Electronic, Electro
Housefly Records are proud to announce Nineball's first solo EP " sing or Swim" .This Beautiful piece of work contains new fresh vibes, that differ much from his previous work and collaborations with Prelate.... "sing or swim " pulls Nineball aka László Budai away from the true Drum and Bass signal and pushes him clearly forward to follow the pioneers of Ambistep... joining the ranks of artists such Bop ,Phyruis Black Jack and a small handful of others to push this...
Topics: Nineball, Housefly Records, Houseflyrecords, DnB, bass, Minimal, ambistep, drum and bass, Drum...
Housefly Records
by Bindanox
Bindanox is a project started in early 2014  by Lisbon-born and Ipswich based producer Nelson Binda. After a few years of making music, on and off under other monikers the first Bindanox EP was released on Housefly Records. Nelson’s eclectic taste for all types of electronic music shines through now on this his second EP to be released on the net label. He describes himself as a honest beat maker with a vision for his music. This EP seems to shine a light on the old skool sound that made his...
Topics: Bindanox, Housefly Records, Housefly, Binda, Nelson, Ipswich, Drum, Bass, Electro, Electronic,...
Housefly Records are proud to announce the release of the self titled snooker boys EP on the 29th of this month.....Snooker Boys is the brain child of Nelson Binda an Artist originally from Lisbon, Portugal that has bee living in Ipswich in the UK Nelson started producing in 2009 using Fl 8,9 after a suggestion from a friend and has never not look back. After doing several Grime-influenced Projects Nelson started Snooker Boys the grime beats just were no doing it and for nelson Perfection is...
Topics: Snooker Boys, Housefly Records, Hfr, RocknFun, Electro Indie
Housefly Records
.Blue Magic - MKL... Housefly Records continuing it's commitment to bringing you the best and this E.P is just that.......... Dubstep at it's best... The Four Track E.P will be Available for FREE download NOW fro MKL is a Dubstep/Breakbeat producer and DJ based in Manchester; although he grew up in the Lake District in North West England. Taking an interest in music from an early age, MKL began learning to play the drums in 2001 and throughout his teenage years he...
Topics: dubstep, uk.MKL, breaks, houseflyrecords, uk
Housefly Records are Proud to Present "Prelate & Nineball - Seasons" a true Drum and Bass Classic... Coming back to Housefly Records after the success of their first release " All Time" come the Hungarian Duo bringing their Trade mark DnB style of Sub bass madness..."Seasons" is their much anticipated Second EP and it has the same sort of mood as "All Time" but everything is tighter so fans of their first will not be disappointed. Tracks such as 5...
Topics: prelate, nineball, alltime, houseflyrecords, hungary, uk, seasons, DJ, Bass, subs
This release had everyone here at Housefly Records very excited... as we have been a long time fans of this artist and have many of his tunes on rotation on our I-pod's ... His artistry is second to none Collaborations with the likes of Korrupt Dialect,Philosofist,Bonez and Ne paul to name but a few means that he has switched effortlessly between grooves so smooth they could be for baby making and beats so hard they offer up a window into the soul of sterling.,IL,USA ... SO it's is with a huge...
Topics: Housefly, records, Coney, ConeyIsland, uk, usa, sterling, hiphop, rap, Philosofst, bonez,...
Housefly Records
This is us going back to what we know best pure DnB...Championed by our very own mystic man ROLLA GEE Twisted Force is an EP of the purest NeuroFunk DnB from the mystery that is FSBL... straight from the darkness of Budapest in Hungary.... coming from the same stable as Prelate and Nineball this Ep is as deep as they come... Pure subs and driving rhythms punctuate the twisted high end pads together this really is DnB at it deepest & finest.. Housefly are truly honoured to present the...
Topics: FSBL, Housefly Records, DnB, UK, Hungary, Budapest, Drums, Bass, and, deep, sub, breaks, chill
Housefly Records
Housefly Records Are Proud to Present another artist from the uber talent pool that is ... This time around we move in to the dark underbelly of the UK...with the release of "O'Zed - Unleashed" his world of grime/UK Hip Hop is just the right place for us to be this time of year.... Now here at Housefly Records we come to have our favourites... people that we really hope will break through to the main stream and we know this talented producer from Cambridge is going to be...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Grime, UK, UKHipHop, Bass, Housefly Records, , Housefly, Cambridge, Records, Net label
Housefly Records
Housefly records very own mystic mystery man shows his mystic musical powers......with his Banger "Tech Specs" ...saws...subs..strings and pounding drums... this 7 Track L.P is Classic Drum & Bass...
Topics: Rollagee, techspecs, houseflyrecords, uk, dnb, dark, neurofunk, codex
This second EP of the year comes from The Philosofist who is some that had become something of an enigma for me and Housefly Records until Now... I had always thought of the Music making community as a 50/50 split but Matt seems able to hop from Electronic music to Instrumental Hip Hop effortlessly and fill all the space in between...Aural Static is a perfect example...Hip Hop with that electronic edge and for this very reason it seemed only right to include The Philosofist aka Matt Ojeda in...
Topics: Housefly Records, Philosofist, Hip Hop, Instrumentals, Hip Hop Instrumentals, Seatle Ipswich, Free,...
Housefly Records
For Housefly Records 20th release and continuing the Release madness month comes an artist from the Stable of talent....our good friend Ultrabase.. His Twist on the Dubstep scene comes straight from roots dub... thick and PH fat Basslines,vocal sets,snapping drums and of course those HORNS...will get your head bobbing, your feet moving and raise this awesome artist from Brugge, Belgium up with some of the best we've ever released on Housefly Records... Ultrabase who's name is Kurt...
Topics: Ultrabase, houseflyrecords, housefly, dub, dubstep, jah, The Belgian, uk, brugge, awesome, tam
Housefly Records
Ultrabase is one of the supreme talents to raise their head from the uber talent pool that is we were lucky enough a while ago to release his first EP " Dragon" which included the hit "Rolling Lion stand off"... a fave for many of our early releases.. Coming from Belguim.. Ultrabase is a man of many talents ...this time turning away from the Dub/ Dubstep sounds of "Dragon" and going straight for the jugular with this new EP hitting up old skool and...
Topics: Housefly Records, House, Fly, Housefly, Ultrabase, UK, Belgium, Bass, Jungle, Drum, Ragga, D&B,...
Housefly Records
Eggchan grew up playing in and listening to 'guitar' bands so his influences come from that side of music rather than 'electronic' music. Until recently his main musical project was a country/punk band called The Hectics which he played electric guitar & Banjo. he is still involved with a recording project called the Gunja Brothers, which is a reggae/hip hop/joke band with his mates, releasing an album on permanent damage records late 2010. In 2007 he started to immerse himself in d'n'b...
Topics: Dubstep, Eggchan, Australia, futurednb.combestof2010, houseflyrecords, uk
Housefly Records
Placid is the Brain child 38 year old Sergey Tikhonov from Izhevsk Russia. Placid has been composing and promoting his music Since 1994 , although this is his first outing here on Housefly Records "Digital River " may not be his last... Mixing so many different styles " Digital River" stands up there with the best . The drones of IDM, the pop of Electro/Glitch and of course the Edginess of sutble Dubstep bass lines... Each track takes you on a drifting Journey through...
Topics: Placid, Digital River, Housefly Records, digital, River, UK, Russia, Chill, Electronic
Housefly Records
Housefly Records are proud to present H.P.M ( House Party Massacre ) a Punk Rock band from London.HPM's sound brings forward in this the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year the spirit of 1977 a NEW generational disconnection that is reminiscent of the year that punk broke the UK apart. H.P.M were Formed at St Thomas More Language College in late 2009, the group consists of John Pita (Lead Vox), Rocco âRockâ Dâambrosio (Lead Guitar & Backing Vox), Filipe Freitas (Rhythm Guitar), Dom Pires (Bass...
Topics: House, Housefly Records, Punk, rock, punk rock, alternative, uk, London, New Breed, Massacre, party
This EP sees the welcome return of Arkeyetexture to Housefly and this EP is deeper than ever. Arkeyetexture is an artist that never fails to amaze me as an artist his music speaks to me on the deepest basis.This self titled EP brings his breed of beautifully visceral electronic dub... The EP is full to bursting with atmospheres that twist and curl...basses that rattle the soul and beats that would make any bad boy nod..
Topics: Arkeyetexture, Housefly, Housefly Records, Deep, Dub, Bass, electronic Dub, Electronic, House, Drum
Name: Bálint Tóth (Prelate) Date/Place of Birth:18/7/1990,Budapest Place of Residence:Budapest Other Activities:Skateboarding (CoC sponsored team) Graffiti Basically, my characteristics are melancholic, so I am mostly interested in the arts, but work is also important to me. My aim is to become an acknowledged drum and bass performer and dj beside a steady job. The first d'n'b track I heard at the end of 2006 made me identify with this musical genre and I realized that this must be a...
Topics: prelate, nineball, alltime, houseflyrecords, hungary, uk
Housefly Records
... I have followed Arkeytexture for what seems like an age... His philosophy of music as a series of sonic experiments really touches my soul,my inner being, in a way that very few artists have managed over the last three years... this EP is a collection of haunting atmospheres, DEEP basses and hypnotic rhythms make me purr like a kitten under a stroke machine... Arkeytexture himself says he "struggles with words especially ones about himself..." "Dub is my main love, anything...
Topics: Housefly Records, House, Fly, Records, Housefly, Arkeyetexture, UK, Ipswich, USA, Detroit, Bass,...
Once again Southern Hayze are exploding on to Housefly Records bringing their unique Style.... With the success of the must have EP "Blue Magic" Southern Hayze are already being compared with some of the greats and have be touted as a refreshing new version of the likes of Outkast, The Fugees, & The Roots. So it is with Excitement Housefly Records Announce the upcoming Release of "Southern Hayze Prezentz: The Verses Chapter 1 (Tha Flood)" "Tha blak Ceo" and...
Topics: Southern Hayze, Hip hop, Rap, USA, uk, Housefly Records, Blak tha Ceo, Housefly, fly
JKaos1000 brings forth a different kind of Drum & Bass to Housefly Records.. touching on breakcore,Glitch and even dipping his wings into IDM on the way.. this is a Brilliant 4 track E.P
Topics: JKaos1000, Confusion Tactics, darkstep.IDM, dnb, neurofunk, houseflyrecords, usa, uk
Housefly Records
A few months ago I was approached by a guy called Flydan... after listen to two of his Mixtapes we began to talk and form a plan...I was impressed by his drive,determination and self belief.. I knew we had to get a release together... The "Lifted" Ep is that a Compilation of a few tracks from those mixtapes and something new too... Flydan has been in and around the music scene for a while.As well as releasing solo projects like the mixtape "true stories" he became part of a...
Topics: Housefly Records, House, Fly, Records, Housefly, FlyDan, UK, Ipswich, south, London, Bass, Hip,...
The Kill Saw is JKaos1000 second outing here on Housefly Records. The Kill Saw is another dip into the mind of our darkness empresario... this hard hitting EP is bursting with pounding drums that drip pure blackness basses that swirl in side your head until they twist your blood.... The Atmosphere's leave you feeling that cool dark night air that lifts the hairs on the back of your neck when you know a killer could be waiting around the next corner. With the Track Rejektion He shows the world...
Topics: JKaos1000, The Kill Saw, darkstep.IDM, dnb, neurofunk, houseflyrecords, usa, uk, Dark, Drum, Bass,...
Wished aka Michael Adams is an electronic artist with a great future his tracks are an inspiration guiding you through beautiful moments in time and small random happenings. Michael was born and raised in Fort Collins,Colorado moving to Arizona in 8th grade, where his passion for production began. First getting hooked on Garageband then moving swiftly on to Logic Pro which he has now been using it for over 7 years and intends to continue using it for the foreseeable future. He claims to only...
Topics: Wished, Housefly, Records, Housefly Records, Hip, HOP, HIP, Hop, Electronic, Electro, Drum, future,...
Housefly Records are Proud to announce the return of FSBL... for those of you that don't remember FSBL (Dániel Szűcs) considers himself as primarily representing deep and minimal drum 'n'bass, but he is also interested in the liquid scene. FSBL has been writing music roughly since 4 years. Before that, he played the guitar. All the knowledge has been useful for him during his work, even today. Furthermore, he studied electronics and electrotechnics, so he is also strongly involved in the...
Topics: FSBL, Housefly, Drum, Drum&Bass, Bass. Records, UK, DrumandBass, Dániel Szűcs, minimal,...
Alex D fusion of jazzy riffs,pounding subs and dnb/jungle styles separates him from the crowd.. this truly is music for your soul... "Pushing buttons to make things happen" a 5 track E.P Available to FREE download on housefly Records Alex D says... My main exposure to music started in high school while I was in the jazz band. I got exposed to be-bop style jazz which was more of the faster paced style, and when my really good friend popped in a LTJ Bukem Progression Sessions mix CD, I...
Topics: Jazzy, dnb, usa, uk, jungle, alexd, houseflyrecords, pushingbuttons
Housefly Records
Wizla A.k.a Sam Ross discovered his musical talent when first picking up a guitar in 2005 & found it very easy to learn all the basics. He eventually started to get more into electronic music, watching His friends mix all sorts from house to hip hop on their decks. When they started mixing drum & bass he heard it and instantly loved it, and decided to download Virtual DJ and started mixing on his pc, which helped him learn the basics before moving onto CD decks. This he also picked up...
Topics: Wizla, houseflyrecords, uk, jumpup, dnb
Zarko Krantic (Dj Talisman aka Poke) - was born in 1986, Belgrade, Serbia.In the early childhood, he shows interest into music, at the age of 7 he picks up a guitar and enrolls primary "School of Music". In the year of 1995 he starts listening to electronic music, and shortly after he starts making the same.After finishing his primary school, he enrolls "High School of Music" and in the 2002 meets Dj SUN and starts working with "Technokratia".That same year he...
Topics: Housemusic, houseflyrecords, serbia, uk, pypunks
Housefly Records
by Bindanox
Housefly Records are Proud to announce the Release of Bindanox - Rewind the future.Bindanox is an artist I'm very excited about. I think this near perfect EP "Rewind the future" harks back to all the things that made hip hop great. Shining a mirror on the past, reminding us of what made the world fall madly in love with the genre that now permeates through every aspect of modern life. Bindanox Aka Snooker Boys Nelson Binda does not only look backwards with nods to the likes of Afika...
Topics: #Bindanox, Housefly Records, Housefly, Records, Electro, Electronic, Bass, Future, Rewind, Rewind...
The Long awaited follow up to "Tematika".... Serbia's Promising Duo bring you "Tematika 2 - Beyond the Theme" Their Ambient take on House with Guest appearances from E-van Called Hippie & Charlie to name just two... This E.P truly is the Morning after the night before perfect tunes for any chill out experience... Free to Download from November 2010
Topics: Dash, Poke, dashandpoke, serbia, houseflyrecords, uk, trance, house, psypunks
Housefly Records
N I B....(neil foreman) From Merseyside Started making music seriously back in the 80's in numerous Punk, Rock, Funk bands mainly for the buzz of gettin down (and the beer). It wasnt until the mid 80's He started making Electronic music using Hardware to create and sequence sounds from Analouge Sythesisers,using an old reel 2 reel to record and bounce down the tracks....arrrr the hiss!.... Around the late 80s/90S he started making Techno/Rave using an Atari ST running cubase to sequence a...
Topics: dnb, NIB, uk, houseflyrecords, theguvnor, sweeny
housefly records proudly presents our first Dark ambient release... Ignorance is Bliss-simmerdown a dark journey into the sinister underbelly of ambient music....this five track E.P available free to download simmerdown Says.... for me, music is an ongoing experiment, one where more questions arise as time goes on. like the scientist's proverb which says 'the more we know, the more we find out how little we know.' that's o.k with me, i hope i never get to the end of questions these pieces...
Topics: sinnerdown, dungbeat, usa, uk, dark, ambient, sinister, houseflyrecords
Housefly Records
by Nineball
This is Nineballs second solo outing on Housefly Records Avestatic brings his trademark deep bass sounds with a definite rise in his production tech. Nineball has been engaged in music as a dj for almost 16 years and has produced music for around 3 years. His a real passion is for Drum & Bass mixing at more than a hundred small underground clubs and venues but he always trys to absorb as much music influences as possible which adds to the three dimensional feel of his music. His primary...
Topics: Nineball, Housefly, Records, Housefly records, Drum, Bass, DnB, DrumandBass, DrumnBass, deep, UK